The Druid is a mighty warrior indeed.
WeaponsClubs, Mauls, Axes

Some say that nature is a frail and weak thing and must be protected. However, the Druid does not believe in this. He believes that nature is a powerful force and can destroy all who oppose it. Harnessing wind and fire, the Druid can summons Hurricanes, Maelstroms, and even powerful Volcano's to combat the dark monsters who inhabit his world. Not only this but the Druid himself can tap into the powerful essence of nature and transform himself into a Werewolf or a Werebear. While in these states he allows his instincts to take over, giving him a urge to fight. Do not mess with a Druid if you want to live.


[edit] Skill Tree

[edit] Elemental

[edit] Firestorm

This skill is fairly similar to another attack you'll see later in the game used by Diablo. This skill sends forth a wave of flames to engulf your foes. At level 1, this skill does 3-7 damage but increases with each skill point dropped into it.

[edit] Molten Boulder

This skill shoots a boulder of hard rock and magma out in a straight path at enemies. It does 11-16 damage on the first level and increase with each skill point put into it.

[edit] Arctic Blast

This skill is very similar to the Sorceress's Inferno attack, but just with fire. Being able to deal 8-15 on the first level AND slow down and/or possibly shatter and enemy makes this skill pretty decent for early stages.

[edit] Fissure

This skill will summon a small earthquake to take place under the target. These quakes are random and may not hit an opponent since it it totally random. At level one is deals 15-25 damage, making it pretty good if it hits.

[edit] Cyclone Armor

This skill summons an armor of wind to protect you from Fire, Ice, and Electric base damage. At level 1 is protects you for 40 damage and adds 12 onto it for each skill point. Meaning that at Level 20, it protects you for 280 damage!

[edit] Twister

This skill summons a three little twisters to attack enemies. The damage they deal is small, but if one of them hits, the enemy is stunned for a few seconds.

[edit] Volcano

This skill summons a volcano right from the ground. It shoots random balls of magma out and hits enemies around it. If you place this under an enemy, they take all the damage from the magma balls, but also damage from the magma being shot out.

[edit] Tornado

This skill summons a Tornado out that will follow a zig zag path. This skill has a damage ratio of 25-35 at level 1, so increasing the skill points means that it will get much much stronger.

[edit] Armageddon

This skill summons a meteor shower to rain down from the heavens. However, it is totally random and has no lock on but it can hit most enemies within it's reach of cast point.

[edit] Hurricane

This skill summons a powerful storm to rip through your enemies. Like Armageddon, this skill will hit a large group of enemies for a short amount of time.

[edit] Shape Shifting

[edit] Werewolf

This is one of the two shape shifting powers the druid has in his arsenal. This skill allows you to turn into a blood thirsty werewolf. In this form you're attack rating and attack speed are increase (at level 1 by 30%). This is a need for any Druid who has a slow weapon.

[edit] Werebear

This skill is the 2nd shape shifting power that the druid has. In this form you change into a bear who's solely bent on destroying. In this form your attack and health are getting bonuses. You'll need a fast attack weapon to deal out damage at least moderately quickly.

[edit] Lycanthropy

This passive skill increase the duration time and life of the chosen transformation. At level one this skill increase the duration by 40 seconds and add 20% to the total life. This skill is a need if you're going to be using the transforming skills.

[edit] Feral Rage

This skill is only usable when you are in the Werewolf form. When you use this attack you virtually do what the Assassin does and it charges you're character up. For each charge your speed and attack rating increase. It also sucks life away from enemies.

[edit] Maul

This skill is the Werebear version of Feral Rage.

[edit] Rabies

This skill adds poison damage to your Werewolfs attack. The good thing about this is that if used in a group of enemies, chances are that after one time using it, they'll all have it since this skill essentially "spreads" the poison damage.

[edit] Fire Claws

This skill adds Fire Damage to the Werebear's basic attack. It adds 15-20 damage at level and adds a 50% bonus to your attack rating. With each skill point you add in it adds 20% to the attack rating and 6 damage onto the fire damage.

[edit] Hunger

This skill essentially "steals" life and mana away from your opponents while in the Werebear/Werewolf form. The good thing here is that at level 1 it "steals" away 72% of the enemies life and mana, which makes this skill great for healing yourself fully.

[edit] Shock Wave

This skill is only usable while in Werebear form. This skill allows the bear to summon a wave that stuns all enemies and does damage. At level one it deals 10-20 points of damage and with each skill point invested in it, it adds 3 damage.

[edit] Fury

This skill allows the Werewolf to attack all enemies adjacent to it. The good thing about this skill is that it doesn't reduce the damage for each target. It deals 100% damage to all the enemies surrounding you and adds 20% to your attack rating. For each skill point added it adds 7% to the attack rating and 17% to the maximum damage.

[edit] Summoning

[edit] Raven

This skill summons a murder of ravens/crows to attack your enemies. Each crow can only do a certain amount of hits and has unlimited HP. For each skill point you place in this skill you get a extra raven/crow, the max being 5.

[edit] Poison Creeper

This summon skill allows you to summon a vine that will attack enemies from underground and deal Poison damage. This creature isn't really strong nor has a lot of HP so it dies very quickly against bosses.

[edit] Summon Spirit Wolf

This skill summons a mighty spirit wolf to the battlefield. You can have a maximum of 5 spirit wolves at your side. Each wolf does a set amount of damage and is increased along with it's health for each skill point you put into it. This allies CAN be killed.

[edit] Oak Sage

This is probably one of the Druids most vital summoning skill. This creature increase all the HP of you and your allies by a certain percentage. This skill is good because the more HP the better.

[edit] Carrion Vine

This skill is a different version of the Poison Creeper. Instead of killing enemies it takes the corpses of the dead enemies and eats them giving you HP.

[edit] Heart of the Wolverine

This skill summons a spirit that is virtually the same as the Oak Sage. Instead of increasing HP it increase the attack power of you and all your allies.

[edit] Summon Dire Wolf

This skill summons a maniacal wolf that will aid you in battle. This wolf is different from the Spirit Wolf in that it EATS the corpses of the fallen enemies to gain power that will allow it to deal more damage. You can only have a max of 3 dire wolves.

[edit] Solar Creeper

This summon summons a vine that is essentially a Carrion Vine instead it eats the corpses and gives you Mana instead.

[edit] Summon Grizzly

This skill is probably the coup de resistance of the Druids summoning skills. This skill summons a mighty Grizzly bear to fight at your side. While you can only have 1, this summon is incredibly strong and can prove to be quite useful since it will be hard for your enemies to take it down. You can only have 1 because if you had any more you'd be unstoppable.

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