The Necromancer
The Necromancer is a dark wizard.
WeaponsDaggers, Scythes, Clubs, Wands

The Necromancer is a dark and power wizard who claims the undead as his own slaves. His specialties are raising the dead from the great beyond and using them to do his bidding. He can also use his dark magic to gain influence over other monsters for his own purposes. Even though he helps for the better of humanity, some just can not believe that Necromancers are trustworthy enough and do not dare to align themselves with them. With the power to kill and raise the killed from the dead, he can make enemies cower and allies shiver with fear. The Necromancer is the epitome of fear itself.


[edit] Skill Tree

[edit] Poison and Bone

[edit] Teeth

Shoots multiple magic based "teeth" from another realm. When this skill get's more attribute points added in, the damage and the number of teeth that appear increase.

[edit] Bone Armor

This skill surrounds you in a protective bone armor that will lower regular based attack damage that is done to you.

[edit] Poison Dagger

Basically, this skill will add poison damage to your dagger. This ability can only be used if you have a dagger in your hand and does not add damage to thrown daggers.

[edit] Corpse Explosion

This skill turns enemies corpses into bombs. The damage is based upon the health of the monster that died (before it died.) or within 60%-100% of it.

[edit] Bone Wall

This skill raises a protective barrier that prevents monsters from move in that direction. The beginning duration time is 45 seconds and the health is 20.

[edit] Poison Explosion

This skill is a Corpse Explosion but with poison damage added.

[edit] Bone Spear

This skill summons a spear made out of bone. The Necromancer throws the spear at it's target and as it hits, it keeps going.

[edit] Bone Prison

This skill summons a ring of bone around an enemy to prevent their escape. This skill is great to capture and enemy that is running away (like a Fallen) and damage it. Diablo also uses this attack in Diablo II to trap you in a Town Portal.

[edit] Poison Nova

This ability sends out a 360 ring of poison based darts around you. It will poison all enemies nearby you and will slowly damage them. The send out of the attack also does damage. However, it's high costing in Mana.

[edit] Bone Spirit

This skill release a spirit in the form of a shimmering ball. The ball seeks out it's target and WILL hit it. It's a 100% chance it will hit it if it targets it. However, when used in PvP, the enemies can just use a Town Portal to get away from it.

[edit] Curses

[edit] Amplify Damage

This skill increase the amount of damage you'll deal to a target and any monster near the target. This skill is probably the best curse that the Necromancer has because it increase the damage by 100% on level 1.

[edit] Dim Vision

This skill reduces the sight rage of the target to one yard. This means they can see anything around them at Night or in dark areas.

[edit] Weaken

This skill decrease the amount of damage the target can do to you and your underlings. This decrease the damage by 1/3 of the original max damage.

[edit] Iron Maiden

This curse basically takes the monsters damage dealt and deals it to itself. When the monster attacks, it will do damage to a target and equal damage to itself.

[edit] Terror

This skill is pretty basic. The curse will inflict the target with a fleeing status and it will run away. Great to use on big monsters that deal a lot of damage, but you cannot use it on bosses.

[edit] Confuse

This curse will drive the monster insane and it will attack randomly. It may attack you, another monster, or just blinding sit there and attack, missing.

[edit] Life Tap

This curse will give you LIFE! When targeted by an enemy with the Life Tap status on it, with every hit you land on it, it will give you life in return. So, Lots of Damage Dealt = Lost of Life!

[edit] Attract

This curse makes the target a prime source to deal damage to. When an enemy has the Attract status, all other enemies will attack that target. Great to kill bosses with many minions around it.

[edit] Decrepify

This skill is probably one of the Necromancers best skills. This skill slows down a target without the use of cold or freezing spells.

[edit] Lower Resist

This skill will lower the magic resistance of the target and any monster around it. Later in the game, you'll be using a lot of magic and you need to make sure that monsters have as little resistance to that as possible.

[edit] Summoning and Control

[edit] Skeleton Mastery

This skill increase and improves the damage that your Skeletons do and their health. This skill is vital if you plan on using the Skeleton portion of the Necromancers summoning area.

[edit] Raise Skeleton

Haha, this is basically how you make a Skeleton army. This skill makes it so you can create skeletons from the dead bodies of your enemies. If you add skill points into this it increase the number of skeletons you can make. This skill is great when you have 20 points in both Skeleton Mastery and this skill because then you have 20 Skeletons that are very powerful.

[edit] Clay Golem

This skill allows you to summon a Clay Golem from the bare ground. However, unlike Skeletons, you can only have 1 Golem. At level 1, these little guys have 100 HP points and it increases with each skill point added.

[edit] Golem Mastery

This skill increase the health and speed of your Golem. This can be very useful when you have 20 skill points in both this skill and all a certain Golem skill you are using.

[edit] Raise Skeleton Mage

This skill allows you to summon skeleton mages from the dead bodies of your enemies. These Mages shoot energy based attacks which can range from Poison, Fire, and Cold based attacks.

[edit] Blood Golem

This summon is a bit tricky to use. This summons a Golem ally straight from your health. Whenever this Golem deals damage to an enemy, he steals HP and give it to you. However, it's also a reverse effect. When the Golem takes damage, you'll take damage as well.

[edit] Summon Resist

This skill increase the elemental resistance of your summons. This skill is important to have when you're later in the game and enemies deal a lot of elemental damage.

[edit] Iron Golem

This summon is pretty cool. This summons a Iron Golem straight from a weapon in your inventory. This means that the Golem will have any special added effect that is on the weapon itself. Meaning that you can use a rare item and have your Golem be "Indestructible" meaning it cannot die.

[edit] Fire Golem

This skill creates a Golem out of fire. This summon should be used more in the later portion of the game when you fight enemies who deal fire damage. The more skill points you put into this summon the more damage it absorbs from fire attack.

[edit] Revive

This is probably the Necromancers most powerful skill. This allows you to raise enemies from the dead to fight for you! However, you cannot raise Boss enemies from the dead and this skill has a duration time of 180 seconds. However, with each skill point you add in, the health of the monsters and the number of monsters you can revive go up while the cost of the spell goes down.

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