Witch Doctor

The Witch Doctor


[edit] Introduction

The Witch Doctor is a new character debuting in Diablo III. From current observations, the Witch Doctor combines elements from previous Diablo II characters such as the Necromancer first and foremost, as well as Druid and Sorceress.

[edit] Skills

Due to the fact that the Witch Doctor only debuted a limited set of skills during Blizzcon (only active ones), the skill set for the Witch Doctor is quite limited.

[edit] Plague Skill Tree

  • Confirmed Skills
    • Locust Swarm
    • Plague of Toads
    • Spider Statue

[edit] Spirit Skill Tree

  • Confirmed Skills
    • Firebats
    • Mass Confusion
    • Skull of Flame
    • Soul of Harvest

[edit] Voodoo Skill Tree

  • Confirmed Skills
    • Horrify
    • Sacrifice
    • Summon Mongrel
    • Wall of Zombies
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